You can be festive on a budget

The holidays are just around the corner. I feel like Christmas decorations start getting put up as soon as Halloween ends. Sometimes before!

Don’t let the decorations, garland, and twinkling lights fool you. Retailers want you to spend. Shop ‘til you drop as they say.

Well word to the wise:  make a budget for gift shopping.

There is no reason that buying presents should mean that you have to burst the bank.

With piggy banks already on life support, there is no logical reason why shoppers should spend what they don’t have.

It really is the thought that counts.

I suggest to large families that they draw names out of a hat and just buy for that person. If you decide you want to do more, especially for the kiddies, then may I suggest planning for it well in advance. Regardless, of what method you use just make sure it’s cash that buys the gifts and not plastic.

Nothing is worse than buying presents on credit with money you don’t have.

It always feels better to buy with cash. Once the purchase is done, it’s done.

There’s no credit card bill coming in the mail for months after.

The holidays will be long gone and you are still paying off grandma’s toaster oven. Who wants that? Nobody, that’s who.

Set a realistic limit to spend and stick to it.

Limit the amount of gifts you buy and decorations. Save excess wrapping paper and tinsel for next year.

The point of gift giving is to show people you care not how much you can spend.

Some of the best gifts I have seen come from the heart. Those gifts are enjoyed and last a long time.

I once heard a saying that love leaves a memory that no one can steal.

Those are the types of gifts you want to give to others. The ones no one can lose.

If you really want to enjoy the holidays, instead of sparring no expense make a commitment to yourself to limit what you give from your wallet but not from your heart.

Happy Holidays!

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