How I used the Buffet 25 strategy to Walk the Talk

Bob Marley poet and a prophet; Bob Marley walkin’ like he talk it. – Red Hot Chili Peppers  

One day I was reading an article online. It was about Warren Buffet, the most successful investor of all-time, so I had to stop and read it. Glad I did. 

In the article, it discusses how Buffet was speaking to the pilot of a plane and asked the man why he still works for him instead of doing what he wants to do.  

The pilot stated he had lots of goals and dreams but no time to focus; therein lies the rub. 

Buffet then suggested his strategy of writing down 25 things you want to accomplish.  

The trick is to circle the top five most important things to you. These are the things you should focus on.  

What about the others? Forget them. Only put your time, energy, and attention on the tasks that are truly in your heart. These are what you will put your best efforts into anyway. Now you have solved the crux of the problem: too many distractions.  

If you want to be successful, then you have to focus.  

It is best to focus your energy on one thing. 

Instead of too many eggs and not enough baskets.   

After reading this article, I did my own list of 25.  

I circled five things that were really important to me.  

This is how this blog came to pass.  

I stopped focusing on doing twenty things and narrowed my focus to five. I became so much more productive and decreased my stress at the same time.  

I increased my productivity tenfold. Instead of trying to find time to write one article, I now had more than enough time to write 10.  

I had been saying for years I need to write a book or teach a class on finance. I was so fed up with reading so much and realizing I had known so little. I wanted to share my new knowledge.  

Well then I decided to write a blog. I remembered reading another blogger who had written a post called how to start a blog. The rest as they say is history.  

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